A new spin on Terra-Americana’s ability to customize its products has turned into an exceptional fundraising opportunity companies and organizations would be remiss to not take advantage of.

Terra-Americana is proud to announce the formation of its inaugural fundraising program! This exciting opportunity allows companies and groups to customize products they would like to sell and then sell them at an upcharge.

The fundraising program not only allows groups to customize the packaging of our products but it also gives customers the freedom to choose which products they would like to sell. The possibilities are endless!

To help facilitate the conversation Terra-Americana will offer a suggested retail price, however, you are in no way bound to that suggestion. Think of it as a helpful hint from someone who has experience in this market. You have complete control over the product and your profit margins.

Terra-Americana offers flexibility in pricing as well. You may choose to order individual, customized products or a collection of products tied together with a similar custom label.

For more information and information on how to take advantage of this program please download our fundraising packet.


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