Our Story

Welcome to Terra Americana! My name is Julie Cecchini, I am the founder of this destination.  It is a one stop shop for creative cooking. We hope to inspire you with recipes, ingredients and ideas.  

Our story is a journey.  It evolved from a fusion of my loves for food and travel.  Starting with my two grandmothers.  Nana was an elegant Irish lady who showed me the world.  Grandma, whose real name was Rocci Valentine, was a force to be reckoned with.  That lady stole the show and one of her favorite places was the kitchen. They influenced me to gain knowledge on distant shores but remember my roots.  

I've traveled the world looking for unique and inspirational stories.  From farmers markets in Springfield and Seattle to the silk market in Shanghai I am always looking for innovations to share.

our story

Today Terra Americana is made up of a group of people like you.  We hope to facilitate the love of food in all its manifestations. Whether you are in need of a recipe to impress your in-laws this holiday season, looking for a gift for that special someone or create an event that has it's own unique flare, we can help bringtogether all the necessary ingredients to create memories of a life time.

Our early beginnings involved setting up tables at harvest fairs, today we collaborate with Fortune 500 companies. Terra Americana has inspired kitchen creativity all over the globe. People enjoy our spice blends all over the US and Canada, even a sprinkling in Europe and the Caribbean.  Simple sweets, simply soup and old favorites are offerings that have generations of customers returning for more each year.  Over the past decade we have established a solid reputation in the promotions industry due to our ability to craft custom solutions for creative projects.

While this site is devoted to the products and services of Terra Americana, you can learn more about the adventures and experiences which have shaped this business here

Terra Americana is a group of people who love to cook, shop, travel, and give.   It is a community created to bring people together and create memories for all types of people in all stages of life. Come be a part of our story‚Ķ